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Today’s Mixtape is called “No-Holds-Barred”,  we are free of restrictions so we’re just gonna rock out, so coming up later we got Lita Ford, Black n Blue and The Cruel Intentions just to name a few… 

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But first, some NEWS!

Melbourne, Australia based rockers Shotgun Mistress have released a video for their single “Glorious Machine”

Let’s check out this single and I’ll tell you a little more after…

This is Shotgun Mistress and their single “Glorious Machine” right here on Hair Metal Mixtape on Zero DB Radio.

That was Melbourne, Australia based rockers Shotgun Mistress consisting of guitarist Matt Wilcock, drummer David Lee, bassist Ben Curnow and lead vocalist Glenn Patrick have released a video for their single “Glorious Machine”

Shotgun Mistress‘ “Biography” on their Facebook page indicates (with slight edits):

Shotgun Mistress swerved into the Australian Rock scene like a stolen Camaro at the end of 2018 and proceeded to waste no time whatsoever. They kicked things off by recording the hard-rocking anti-domestic violence banger “No Friend of Mine”. It went to number 12 on the Australian Independent Charts and number 3 on the iTunes Rock Charts, was played globally on community radio, and featured nationally on commercial radio networks Redwave Media and Rebel FM. Just to prove they weren’t all about singles and studios, the band made a video for “No Friend of Mine”, started playing live on the Melbourne rock circuit at places like Cherry BarBombay RockWhole Lotta Love and the Bendigo, then finished the year by recording their 13-track debut album. By the end of 2019, they had a single, an album, a video, a range of shirts, 30 national and international radio interviews, and 20 physical features, reviews and interviews. For a bunch of stooges, they get shit done. No radio can resist them, no venue can say no.

Shotgun Mistress is the first Aussie band to join Golden Robot’s new metal label Crusader Records, and plan to speed through the year leaving a trail of gigs and appearances in the rear-vision mirror.

The band has achieved more than most in one year all on their own – minimal wrangling required.

In January 2020, Shotgun Mistress signed with international independent metal label Crusader Records as apart of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment label and are now in preparation to release their debut album later in the year.”

How about that! These guys are great! Go to the show notes on to check out all links to see the video and check out the band!

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

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L.A. Guns Drops New Single titled “Well Oiled Machine”

The L.A. Guns lineup with drummer Steve Riley and bassist Kelly Nickels , has released a new single titled “Well Oiled Machine” from their upcoming new studio album Renegades via Golden Robot Records. The group previously released the single “Crawl” about two months ago.

Brazil’s Electric Mob drops “Far Off”(Official Music Video)

One of rock’s most exciting and promising newcomers in years is Brazil’s own Electric Mob. The band formed in Curitiba, Brazil, in 2016 by Renan Zonta (vocals), Ben Hur Auwarter (guitar), Yuri Elero (bass) and André Leister (drums).

After Renan Zonta’s outstanding participation in the reality show “The Voice Brazil”, the band released their first studio work with 4 tracks. The EP “Leave A Scar” (2017) had great reviews and established the band as one of the most promising rock n roll bands in the country. 
The debut album came out on June 12th and is called “Discharge”. The first single “Devil You Know”, reached more than 100 thousands views in less than two weeks, both in the video and on Spotify. Watch the official music video for their third single “Far Off” below;

Recorded at our homes to watch at home. Stay Safe. Director: Our girlfriends Camera operator: Our girlfriends Special thanks to: Our girlfriends (Caroline Martin, Izabella Bergmann, Juliana Finardi and Rafaelle Santana) Editor: Álvaro Gomes

Click here for Electric Mob bio…

Watch previously released singles and official music videos “Devil You Know” and “Upside Down” below. Thanks!