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Today’s Mixtape is called “No-Holds-Barred”,  we are free of restrictions so we’re just gonna rock out, so coming up later we got Lita Ford, Black n Blue and The Cruel Intentions just to name a few… 

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But first, some NEWS!

Melbourne, Australia based rockers Shotgun Mistress have released a video for their single “Glorious Machine”

Let’s check out this single and I’ll tell you a little more after…

This is Shotgun Mistress and their single “Glorious Machine” right here on Hair Metal Mixtape on Zero DB Radio.

That was Melbourne, Australia based rockers Shotgun Mistress consisting of guitarist Matt Wilcock, drummer David Lee, bassist Ben Curnow and lead vocalist Glenn Patrick have released a video for their single “Glorious Machine”

Shotgun Mistress‘ “Biography” on their Facebook page indicates (with slight edits):

Shotgun Mistress swerved into the Australian Rock scene like a stolen Camaro at the end of 2018 and proceeded to waste no time whatsoever. They kicked things off by recording the hard-rocking anti-domestic violence banger “No Friend of Mine”. It went to number 12 on the Australian Independent Charts and number 3 on the iTunes Rock Charts, was played globally on community radio, and featured nationally on commercial radio networks Redwave Media and Rebel FM. Just to prove they weren’t all about singles and studios, the band made a video for “No Friend of Mine”, started playing live on the Melbourne rock circuit at places like Cherry BarBombay RockWhole Lotta Love and the Bendigo, then finished the year by recording their 13-track debut album. By the end of 2019, they had a single, an album, a video, a range of shirts, 30 national and international radio interviews, and 20 physical features, reviews and interviews. For a bunch of stooges, they get shit done. No radio can resist them, no venue can say no.

Shotgun Mistress is the first Aussie band to join Golden Robot’s new metal label Crusader Records, and plan to speed through the year leaving a trail of gigs and appearances in the rear-vision mirror.

The band has achieved more than most in one year all on their own – minimal wrangling required.

In January 2020, Shotgun Mistress signed with international independent metal label Crusader Records as apart of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment label and are now in preparation to release their debut album later in the year.”

How about that! These guys are great! Go to the show notes on to check out all links to see the video and check out the band!

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

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Red Voodoo’s ‘Rise Up’ Sees Pandemic Through Teenage Eyes

Influenced by the upbeat, party rock n roll of the 80’s (yet mixed with a refreshing soulful sound), Sacramento’s Red Voodoo are ready to take on the world with their debut single, “Rise Up,” produced by Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon. Comprised of members Dino McCord (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Davin Loiler (guitar), Andrew Edwards (bass), and Nick Pesely (drums), the group is also working on a full-length debut album – also under the guidance of Hannon.

Formed in 2018, Red Voodoo features the lead vocal skills of 17 year old Dino (who is influenced by Sam Cooke, Mark Farner of Grand Funk, and Otis Redding thus bringing a very unusual vocal ability to a band of this age group), the band places a huge emphasis on quality vocals. This is also heard in the harmony backing vocals of Davin and Andrew to enhance the band’s sound. Nick’s drumming however leans more to the progressive influences of Neil Peart, and this brings a colorful melodic tom tom approach to his drumming which is also a rarity in today’s music.

Being fans of 80’s music and local icons Tesla, Dino had heard about Frank’s skills as an engineer and producer of studio recordings from his father. As it turns out Frank had recorded demos for Dino’s father in local bands 30 years ago. Dino and his dad attended a Frank solo concert and Dino sat in to sing the Tesla classic “Getting Better.” The guys then discussed the idea of having Frank coach the band on songwriting and recording a debut single for Red Voodoo. Now the team is working on developing the band even further.

And concerning the composing of their lead-off song, the band explains its creation as “We wrote ‘Rise Up’ to express our confusion and our feelings during this recent pandemic that turned the world upside down. With the Coronavirus Covid 19 affecting everyone in different ways, we wanted to have a message of hope for all human beings and make people feel better. We feel that music should be a positive uplifting experience and we hope this song will help anyone ‘Rise Up’ from feeling down.”

And what about the story behind the band’s name? “We heard the song ‘Red Voodoo’ by Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas. We thought it had a good ring to it for a band name. Even though Sammy may have his own meaning to the term ‘Red Voodoo,’ for us it describes the magic of creating fun rock and roll music and the energy we put into it in during our live show. Red Voodoo prides ourselves in being a high energy live band in concert.”

Prior to the social distancing and lockdown of live concerts due to the COVID-19, Red Voodoo had been performing regularly around the Northern California club scene and building a local following. Turning heads with their unusual talents for their age, nightclubs such as Holy Diver and Ace Of Spades were bringing the band in as direct support for national shows with Uli Jon Roth, Enuff Z’ Nuff, and Faster Pussycat.

Lastly, Red Voodoo has big plans on the horizon. “In our future, we plan to release a full length debut, and we hope to tour in support of that album opening shows for some new current artist such as Dirty Honey, Greta Van Fleet, or even our heroes like Sammy Hagar and the Circle, Motley Crue or Def Leppard. But of course we realize that these are dreams that can only be accomplished by writing great songs, so during this time we are working on our songwriting skills and planning to release an album when its ready.”

Red Voodoo “Rise Up”

Black Star Riders: New Single ‘CANDIDATE FOR HEARTBREAK’ Out Now

Black Star Riders new single ‘CANDIDATE FOR HEARTBREAK’ off of their latest album Another State of Grace is out now via Official Lyric Video.

Another State of Grace is the fourth studio album by hard rock band Black Star Riders, released on September 6, 2019.[1] Black Star Riders evolved from the touring version of Thin Lizzy, assembled by guitarist Scott Gorham after the death of Thin Lizzy’s leader Phil Lynott. The band’s first three albums, All Hell Breaks LooseThe Killer Instinct, and Heavy Fire, were released in 2013, 2015, and 2017 respectively.

It was the first Black Star Riders album to feature new guitarist/songwriter Christian Martucci and drummer Chad Szeliga.

Upon its release, the album reached number one in the UK Rock & Metal Albums Chart.[2]

‘Candidate For Heartbreak’ is the new single from BLACK STAR RIDERS – out now via Nuclear Blast. Order at: Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: | Subscribe to Black Star Riders: