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“Ear Damage”

A Cacophony of vandalism for your ears. Hard, Heavy and Abstract.

Ear Damage

A Cacophony of vandalism for your ears. Hard, Heavy and Abstract. Today’s show is up for 24 hours. Enjoy!

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Today’s Mixtape is called “Let Loose”. What a perfect thing to do on a Friday!, in the meanwhile coming up we got Kiss, Quiet Riot and Slaughter just to name a few…

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But first, some NEWS!

Sixgun Renegades have released lyric video for their new single “Push”

So I think we need to hear that, don’t you?

Here’s Sixgun Renegades with they new single “Push”, right here on Hair Metal Mixtape on Zero DB Radio

That was Finnish hard rockers Sixgun Renegades consisting of drummer Teemu Räty, lead vocalist and guitarist Niko Räty, guitarist Samu Tuomi and bassist Miko Mattila have released a lyric video for their new single “Push.”

The following message was posted in part on Sixgun Renegades‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“PUSH – Out now! Link in bio

Sixgun Renegades will release their ass kicking second album in the end of this year. ‘Push’ is all about Finnish guts and working hard. Delivered with US style Hard and Heavy Rock sound.

“Push was the first demo that we made for the second album. Our drummer Teemu had this melody going around his head. And such professionals that we are, Teemu whistled the melody for me and I got to decide in which key it’s going to go. The melody becomes the main piece of the song and the lyrics came flying to my head. The song is all about going after your dreams and even if everything seems to go wrong, you just stick to it, work hard and you will be there. The mentality of famous Finnish ”Sisu”.” –Niko 

Right on! Don’t forget to check them out and there are links in the show notes. 

…And that was your Hear ’N Tell!

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