Welcome to the Zero DB Podcast Network

Welcome to the Zero DB Podcast Network. We are a series of audio and video podcasts of reactions and reviews of Movies and TV. Currently I am laid off because of the pandemic and passing my time playing 30 min of Hair Metal every morning. Feel free to enjoy the past shows I have on this feed. Listen where all podcasts are heard.For more info or to reach out go to https://zerodbpodcast.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/zerodbpodcast or https://www.instagram.com/zerodbpodcast/ or https://anchor.fm/zerodbpodcast or write to me at gabrielomar23@gmail.com. Thanks for listening. I hope you are painting your physical distance from your friends and loved ones and yet also engaging in social connectivity. Be kind, rewind. Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

Please support these artists and friends of mine, especially during these tough times; 

Matt DiLeo @ https://instagram.com/matt_dileo

Stephen Chopek @ http://www.stephenchopek.com

Marcos Garcia @ http://chicomann.comhttp://hereliesman.com

Douglas Jennerich @ https://www.douglasjennerichvo.com/