Monsters of Rock England 1988 pt.1

Hair Metal Mixtape #97 – Monsters of Rock England 1988 pt.1 (full episode/no ads)

Hair Metal Mixtape #97 – We’re back to Summer Festival Weekends! This weekend we go to Monsters of Rock England 1988 (where apparently 2 people died from how large the crowd was during G-n-R) and start with the first three bands in the lineup; Helloween, Guns-n-Roses and Megadeth. These are NOT live recording of the actual performances from that show because I couldn’t find anything that sounded suitable for listening on this podcast. These are publicly released live versions of these song from albums the record labels released. Thanks for listening.

This is Hair Metal Mixtape where I bring you a half hour plus of my favorite and hopefully your favorite 80’s Hair Metal, Glam Band, Glitter Rock, Sleaze Rock and everything that orbits this universe before and after.

I hope you are maintaining your physical distance from your friends and loved ones and yet also engaging in social connectivity. Be kind, rewind. Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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Articles referenced in this episode;



Helloween set list

G-n-R set list

Megadeth set list


Stryper Drops New Video For New Song of Upcoming New Album

Mixtape Set List

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