Generation X-wing- Hair Metal Day 22 – 4/13/20, 7.08 AM

Listen here!

Godfathers of Hair Metal Playlist! Yo, what up everybody?! Monday! Day 22 of me being home with my 5 year old during this pandemic. Everyday I’m gonna give you a half hour of my favorite hair metal with some local weather and maybe some bits of wisdom. You can play this on anywhere you listen to podcasts. Who knows what this will bring! Go to, Facebook, Instagram or write to me Requests, shout outs or anything is welcome. Enjoy! Peace, Plants, Hair Metal!

Welcome to the Zero DB Podcast Network. We are a series of audio and video podcasts pertaining to our favorite things in life and this crazy life we’re living in. The majority of the reviews and reactions on here so far are of Movies & “TV” series and soundtracks & film scores. We currently have all of our past podcast episodes of “The Headline Show”, “After Dark” & “The Solo Set” right here. So until the new episodes are up feel free to enjoy these past three shows we had on this feed. Audio and video podcasts are available on all your favorite media players.

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